TITÁN Industrial, Repair, Maintenance, and Service Ltd. was established in March, 2005 in order to provide high-level service to its future business partners.

Our company is a family business marked out from Lime Industry Repair Ltd. (Cementipari Gépjavító Kft) on 07 March, 2005.

The aim of establishment was to make Titán Kft. an engineering manufacturer and repair group for cement and lime industry plants but our company is also an expert in other mechanical installations and repairs.

The employers are qualified professionals, a considerable proportion of them used to work for Cementipari Gépjavító Kft. Our professionals have multi-annual experience in the production of steel scaffoldings, installations, maintenance, welding and locksmith work.

Our trained colleagues have been working for years in the technical and machine installation industry according to the highest quality and safety requirements.

Due to our contacts and sub-entrepreneurs we are able to carry out major work successfully.

Due to our references, professional expertise and highly-skilled professionals, we can offer optimal and efficient solutions for any investors' claims. We thrive to enter into contracts that are reassuring for both parties and include all necessary guaranties.